Corporate Shuttles

From modest beginnings to what is now a flourishing transport company, First Choice has grown year on year working with corporate companies such as Bupa, Gartner, Waitrose/John Lewis partnership and Travelport to name but a few.  We are proud to build strong and lasting relationships.  See testimonials here.


Working with management agencies such as LSH, CBRE, Workman and Savills, we understand what is required to provide a seamless transport solution for our corporate clients. 


Glass Buildings

Corporate Procurement 

First Choice understand that when buyers or specifiers are trying to procure the most reliable suppliers that meet their CSR requirements, it can be difficult to find a company that can tick all their needs. Over the years we have looked at the best ways that can help speed up the procurement process and give companies confidence when they are looking to instruct a new supplier.

We are large enough to service our clients requests, but small enough to take a very personal and 'hands on' approach. With that in mind we have transferred our own personal ethos to our business.  We have invested heavily into reducing our carbon emissions by updating our fleet to vehicles that have the latest engines, which in turn helps with fuel efficiency.  


We follow best practice and work towards gaining accreditations to prove our never ending determination to be at the top of our game. 

We provide uniformed drivers to drive a luxury fleet of buses so that you may travel in comfort. Our buses are fitted with the latest Telematics technology which enables both our clients and ourselves to track the whereabouts of our buses via a computer. First Choice also have technology which monitors driver behaviour to ensure that drivers maintain safe driving practice.

Working with technology

to ensure safety,

improve our services and 

reduce emissions 

We are committed to reducing our

CO2 emissions

  • We have a low emission fleet of buses with Eco Start functions

  • We have installed vehicle speed limiters to improve safety, reduce fuel and lower CO2 and emissions

  • We continually assess our organisation's activities and identify areas where we may minimise impact on our environment

  • We publicise our environmental position

  • We seek to join Associations that support both ours and our clients' Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • We have installed the latest Telematics technology:

    • ​to help schedule our vehicles efficiently

    • to measure our fleet's performance and monitor driver behaviour in order to reduce fuel   consumption and CO2 vehicle emissions

    • to monitor performance and target systems which include key performance indicators

    • to provide driver development and performance management in order to achieve safe and fuel efficient driving techniques


FORS is a positive identifier for procurement professionals to connect with when looking to tender for fleet services. The accreditation recognises HGV, LCV, bus and coach operators, so whichever fleet method you are looking to secure, the FORS standard is an important identifier of the service levels available from your provider.

(Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme)


First Choice's objective is to reduce emissions for the benefit of our environment. Therefore First Choice have joined the Eco Star's Fleet Recognition Scheme (efficient and cleaner operations) which is a voluntary scheme and rates a fleet's level of overall road transport operation. It uses a star rating criteria to recognise levels of operational and environmental performance. First Choice currently has 4 out of the 5 stars awarded, although we are currently operating at 5 stars. We are expecting to be awarded 5 stars before the end of the year. This ensures that a fleet is running as efficiently and economically as possible, and helps to monitor and develop action plans for environmental policy objectives

Eco Stars

First Choice are committed to reducing our Co2 emissions and with that in mind, we have joined the Energy Saving Trust's 'Motorvate' (a government backed scheme). This is an independent auditing and certification scheme providing annual independent calculation and verification of our carbon footprint. This assists us to monitor and develop our action plans for our environmental policy objectives

Energy Saving Trust




Gartner Group

"First Choice have been supplying Gartner's shuttle service for 15 years from Staines Station to the Gartner offices in Egham. They also supply a lunch time shuttle to and from Staines town centre. At Gartner we feel that by providing these shuttle services we encourage our employees to leave their cars at home and travel to work by rail. This impacts positively on our sustainability efforts and forms a key part of our Green Transport Plan. During this time through our partnership with First Choice we have on average transferred 191 passengers a day, meaning we have continued to make a significant impact on our Co2 and vehicle air quality emissions. First Choice's commitment to the environment and to the safety of its staff and our associates makes them a trusted partner and an important part of us meeting our Corporate Social Responsibility requirements."

- Senior Director (Global Real Estate Operations)