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At First Choice Minibus Ltd the health and safety of all of our staff, clients and customers is of the utmost importance.

This document sets out the guidance and policies that we are putting in place in order to ensure the safety of all our passengers. All risks are set out within our Risk assessment completed in accordance with the governments Coronavirus (COVID-19): Safer Transport – Guidance for operators.


Policies may be subject to change and will be updated in accordance with new developments and governments guideline changes.

Driver policies put in place:

  • All drivers will be trained in how to clean the vehicle effectively

  • All drivers will wear a mask

  • Drivers will be required to be outside the vehicle as customers board and alight the bus

  • Drivers will clean and spray the vehicles between each shuttle service

  • Drivers Health and Wellbeing will be monitored closely

Bus updates:

  • Every other seat will no longer be in use for passengers

  • Guidance and signage will be put in place to ensure clear communication of guidelines to

  • customers

  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided where possible

  • Every other seat will be covered and will not be used for customer journeys


Customer guidance:

  • All customers must wear masks or face coverings during any journey on the bus. (Masks can be provided on request at a nominal fee)

  • Customers must board the bus one by one walking to the end of the bus to the furthest available seat.

  • Customers must only stand up to leave the bus once the driver has had time to get off the bus. Customers must then leave the bus in an orderly manner. The closest customer to the exit must leave first followed by the next, only leaving their seat as the person in front has alighted. The last to alight will be the customer at the back of the bus.

  • Customers should sanitise their hands before entering the bus.

  • Customers must be mindful of distancing from all customers within the vehicle.

  • Customers must keep a distance from each other.

  • All guidelines are subject to change in accordance with government guidelines and recommendations. We want to thank you for your cooperation.


First Choice Bus, A1D, Crabtree road,

Thorpe Trading Estate, Thorpe, Surrey, UK,

TW20 8RN

+44 (0)1784 430000

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