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  1. Are you feeling well? If at any point you start to feel unwell notify a member of FCMBS immediately. This includes a temperature, new persistent cough, or loss of sense of smell and taste.

  2. Spray all obvious surfaces that are touched with the Anti-Bac spray provided and wipe down with blue paper, including your steering wheel and all door handles.

  3. Face coverings/Masks will be supplied and must be worn during any job with passengers.

  4. When customers board the bus, open the door stand back and allow them to board. You must stand outside at   least 2 metres apart whilst they board. An umbrella will be provided.

  5. Once customers have boarded shut the door, walk around the bus and enter your seat from your door where possible.

  6. Windows should be open within reason to allow for air flow and ventilation.

  7. You must leave the bus and open the door before any passenger alights. Keep 2 metres away at all times.

  8. Once passengers have left the bus, you must return into the bus and spray down all obvious surfaces.

  9. Hand Sanitiser should be used after the bus has been cleaned.

  10. You should renew/wash your face covering/mask after each shift and leave out to dry.

  11. Please notify us of any passengers who have not been wearing a face covering on bus journeys.

  12. You will be provided with ample face coverings/masks but if you have any questions or queries at any point then do let us know. It is your responsibility to ensure that the bus is appropriately stocked with cleaning equipment before and after every shift. Failure to do so could lead to disciplinary action due to the importance of the health and safety to all drivers and passengers during this critical time. The guidance in this document may change and be updated from time to time.

Driver Checklist

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